Virtual museum

Welcome to Brislington's own online museum.

There is little prospect of Brislington getting its own bricks-and-mortar museum any time soon, and a virtual museum is the next best thing. Founded in 2010, our database of exhibits has been developed with funding from Brislington Community Partnership, who also generously supported the cost of uploading our first 100 exhibits, as well as keeping it online for the benefit of the community for five years.

We hope you will enjoy your visit, and look forward to hearing any comments you may like to make - particularly if you can help us with more information about any of the items on display.


All the museum's photographs and text are protected by copyright but may be used freely for private study, and also for certain aspects of non-commercial research as defined in the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. This notice does not restrict the use of the museum's published resources under the 'fair dealing' terms of the Act. If you are uncertain about how the law affects you, or if you wish to reproduce anything for display or publication (either online or elsewhere), please contact us

Few of the exhibits are in the possession of BCAP, as most have been contributed by members of the public, so we cannot always arrange access to the artefacts themselves, but we often have additional and higher resolution photographs in our archives, which may assist with research and / or publication.